Sentence Examples

  • Mxp, Maxillo-pala tine process.
  • The judges of the supreme court are elected biennially by tine General Assembly, and all the other judicial officers are elected by the people.
  • Among his more famous stories are Faedra (1883) and Tine (1889).
  • 30 Another important excavation in Pales tine in the period preceding the World War was that of Dr. Reisner at Samaria, which is not yet fully published.
  • Until the reform of the comitia centuriata (probabl' during the censorship of Gaius Flaminius in 220 B.C.; *see Comitia),` the equites had voted first, but after that time this privilege was transferred to tine cenfury selected by lot from the centuries of ' the equites and the first class.

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