Sentence Examples

  • The court consists of a president, one or more vice-presidents and a variable number of judges.
  • Stoddard's Grover Cleveland (1888; ' ` Lives of the Presidents " series) and J.
  • These schepenen appointed in their turn from the citizens to assist them a body of sworn councillors (gezworencn or :lures), whose presidents, styled " burgomasters," had the supervision of the communal finances.
  • A "campaign" biography was published by Lew Wallace (Philadelphia, 1888), and a sketch of his life may be found in Presidents of the United States (New York, 1894), edited by James Grant Wilson.
  • The word "monarchy" has, however, outlived this original meaning, and is now used, when used at all, somewhat loosely of states ruled over by hereditary sovereigns, as distinct from republics with elected presidents; or for the "monarchical principle," as opposed to the republican, involved in this distinction.

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