Sentence Examples

  • The CEO received accolades for business success.
  • The CEO becked his hand during the meeting to silently tell the secretary to go away.
  • If, however, they work for companies that set high standards of conduct that apply to everyone from the CEO to the most entry-level worker, the corporate culture is much more likely to be viewed as one that values doing what is right.
  • The company enjoyed over 50-million dollars in gross profit in the years 2007 and 2008 and at its peak, president, CEO and majority stock holder, Mike Jackson, claimed that they had a distribution system of over 100,000 representatives.
  • EQ: So then the CEO was asking me what I thought I was doing, and so I had to explain to him that email was a better delivery mechanism because it saves on paper, it saves time and third and most importantly it offers better tracking.