Sentence Examples

  • For instance, the well-known description (in chap. xlvii.) of the preposition " in " occurring in a theological dogma as a " momentous particle which the memory rather than the understanding must retain " is taken directly from the first Provincial Letter.
  • Syriac is not, like Arabic and Hebrew, confined to the use of the construct for the ordinary expression of the genitive or possessive relation: for it has a preposition (d) which expresses " of," " belonging to."
  • The noun preceding this preposition may be in the emphatic state or may (as is usually the case when the noun is definite) have a pleonastic suffix.
  • Only here in the Old Testament does it stand as a simple isolated noun; elsewhere it is the definition of a noun (in" everlasting covenant,"&c.), or it is preceded by a preposition, in the phrases" for ever," of old,"or it stands alone (sing.
  • It is true that the preposition " to " O may denote authorship, as it does apparently in Isaiah xxxviii.

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