Preposition Worksheets: Free Printables for Practice

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Updated May 11, 2021
students working on preposition worksheet
    students working on preposition worksheet
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Prepositions are a part of speech. They make connections within sentences to tell you where things are. Without them, you could quite literally get lost. You don't know to go across the road if the word across is missing. Learn more about prepositions and get a few fun preposition worksheets to enhance your learning.

What Is a Preposition?

A preposition is a short word or a prepositional phrase that connects a noun or pronoun to a verb or adjective in a sentence. Prepositions usually come before a noun or pronoun and refer to information related to time, location or direction. They are very important because they help you understand sentences. Without prepositions, it would be impossible to know the relationship between nouns, verbs, phrases, and other such parts of a sentence.

Examples of preposition words include:

above, after, against, as, at, beneath, between, behind, by, during, except, for from, in, into, like, near, on, over, past, since, under, upon, with

Perfect your knowledge of prepositions and their rules with the preposition worksheets listed below.

Pick the Preposition Worksheet

In 1st and 2nd grade, students are just starting to understand prepositions and how they work within a sentence. Therefore, you want your worksheets to provide sentences that are clear and easy to understand. Additionally, they need to be something students can relate to. For example:

  • Question: The bird flew over/under the tree.

  • Answer: The bird flew over/under the tree.

Since students know that birds fly in the sky, it’s easy for them to choose the correct preposition for the sentence.

Printable Pick the Preposition PDF

With this worksheet, students are going to pick the correct preposition for each sentence from a word bank of prepositions. Additionally, since it’s for lower grade levels, it uses 10 simple sentences.

lower elementary preposition worksheet

Lower elementary preposition worksheet

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Find the Preposition Worksheet

While you want to keep it simple for upper elementary, 3rd and 4th graders should have a solid grasp of how prepositions work for direction, time and location. Not only are they being introduced to prepositional phrases, but they know the rules for prepositions. Therefore, you want a worksheet that offers more of a challenge to students.

Printable Find the Preposition PDF

This PDF includes 20 sentences where students must find the different prepositions within each sentence. For a bit of an added challenge, some sentences include multiple prepositions for students to identify.

upper elementary preposition worksheet

Upper elementary preposition worksheet

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How to Use Preposition Worksheets

Preposition worksheets can be a powerful tool to add to your teaching arsenal. Explore a few different ways you can use prepositional worksheets to enhance learning.

  • Use the worksheets to help students practice finding prepositions during a preposition lesson plan.
  • Use them throughout the year as a refresher for students on what a preposition is.
  • Make it fun by adding them as part of a group activity or using them as extra credit.
  • Offer them as supplemental learning for substitute teachers visiting your classroom.
  • Make a game using the prepositional phrases on the worksheets where you split the class into teams and have them call out the prepositions.
  • Use the worksheets as a timed test to ensure student mastery.
  • Using the worksheets as a guide, give students several sentences without prepositions and have them add their own.

How you choose to use preposition worksheets with your students is completely up to you.


Using Prepositional Worksheets in Learning

Whether you are trying to find extra work for your kids at home or need something for your classroom, prepositional worksheets can be fun and test students' knowledge. Why take the time to create a worksheet when there are plenty of free resources out there like the ones above. These free tools can save you time and money in the long run. You can also customize these to work best for your classroom. Looking for more free worksheets and resources? Check out free diagramming sentence worksheets.