Sentence Examples

  • After explaining their predicament, he offered them water from a jug strapped to the rear of the vehicle that looked as old as its dusty driver.
  • I left Princess in a predicament, he said as he kicked Ed into a lope.
  • And in another speech he said that the British had insanely placed themselves .Effect of Mr in the strange predicament of the free subjects of a monarchy going to coerce the free subjects of a Speeches republic. Expressions such as these were trans lated into Dutch and distributed among the Boers, and they exercised a good deal of influence in fanning the agitation already going on in the Transvaal.
  • The battle of Fuentes d'Onoro followed, in which Wellington was only able to extricate the army from a dangerous predicament which "if Boney had been there" would have been a disaster.
  • To relieve their inglorious predicament the ministry hurried the Liberal diplomatist, Ferdinand de Lesseps, to Rome to prevent further conflict.

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