Sentence Examples

  • The purely philosophical theories of Aquinas are explained in the article Scholasticism.
  • Maybe now things will be quiet enough so I'll have time to contemplate all those high level philosophical concepts.
  • In the third and fourth series of the Philosophical Magazine will be found sixteen papers.
  • If the whole activity of the leaders serves as the expression of the people's will, as some historians suppose, then all the details of the court scandals contained in the biographies of a Napoleon or a Catherine serve to express the life of the nation, which is evident nonsense; but if it is only some particular side of the activity of an historical leader which serves to express the people's life, as other so-called "philosophical" historians believe, then to determine which side of the activity of a leader expresses the nation's life, we have first of all to know in what the nation's life consists.
  • It was difficult to apprehend the philosophical discussion, but Julia tried her best to learn from it.