Sentence Examples

  • The attitude of a man who denies the doctrine of immortality and rejoices in the denial is not strictly pessimistic. A Christian again may be pessimistic about the present; he must logically be optimistic about the future - a teleological view of the universe implies optimism on the whole; the agnostic may be indifferent to, or pessimistic, regarding the future, while exceedingly satisfied with life as he finds it.
  • This complex view of life is exemplified by Plato, whose general theory of idealism is entirely optimistic. In analysing the world of phenomena he necessarily takes a pessimistic view because phenomena are merely imitations more or less removed from reality, i.e.
  • In Europe on the whole the so-called pessimistic attitude was commoner in the Teutonic north than in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Kant, though pessimistic as regards the actual man, is optimistic regarding his moral capacity.
  • Schopenhauer emphasizes the pessimistic side of Hegel's thought.

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