Sentence Examples

  • The Thirty Years War settled once for all the principle that men should not be persecuted for their religious faith.
  • Its contents relate to the destruction of the world through war and natural catastrophes - for the heathen a source of menace and fear, but for the persecuted people of God one of admonition and comfort.
  • The proprietor was a Roman Catholic and probably it was his intention that Maryland should be an asylum for persecuted Roman Catholics, but it is even more clear that he was desirous of having Protestant colonists also.
  • Hoping to gain active support from the Vatican, Ostojic renounced Bogomilism, and persecuted his former co-religionists, until the menace of an insurrection forced him to grant an amnesty.
  • She sorely persecuted Antiope, his first wife, who escaped to Mount Cithaeron, where her twin sons Amphion and Zethus were being brought up by a herdsman who was ignorant of their parentage.

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