Sentence Examples

  • Crucified and buried.
  • At any rate Alexander crucified two sons of Simon the Galilean, who had headed a revolt in the time of the census.
  • The empress Theodora (842-857) hung, crucified, beheaded or drowned some Ioo,000 of them, and drove yet more over the frontier, where from Argaeum, Amara, Tephrike and other strongholds their generals Karbeas and Chrysocheir harried the empire, until 873, when the emperor Basil slew Chrysocheir and took Tephrike.
  • And crucified under Pontius Pilate, and buried, 5.
  • (q) Jesus carries His cross to Golgotha, and is crucified there between two others; the cross's title and Pilate's refusal to alter it (xix.

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