Sentence Examples

  • In the winter of 874-875 Healfdene returned to Northumbria, which he partitioned among his followers.
  • Northward, and partitioned between the two powers a large block of territory, which by an agreement of 1888 had been declared a neutral zone.
  • The system of setting nations by the ears with the view of settling the quarrels of a few reigning houses was reduced to absurdity when the people, as in these cases, came to be partitioned and exchanged without the assertion or negation of a single principle affecting their interests or rousing their emotions.
  • Zoned by those letters you saw the likeness of three Andes' summits; from one a flame; a tower on another; on the third a crowing cock; while arching over all was a segment of the partitioned zodiac, the signs all marked with their usual cabalistics, and the keystone sun entering the equinoctial point at Libra.
  • Toxic activity partitioned quantitatively into ethyl acetate but about 11% of the activity was not adsorbed by solid phase C18 cartridges.

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