Sentence Examples

  • In the winter of 874-875 Healfdene returned to Northumbria, which he partitioned among his followers.
  • Northward, and partitioned between the two powers a large block of territory, which by an agreement of 1888 had been declared a neutral zone.
  • The system of setting nations by the ears with the view of settling the quarrels of a few reigning houses was reduced to absurdity when the people, as in these cases, came to be partitioned and exchanged without the assertion or negation of a single principle affecting their interests or rousing their emotions.
  • Of these some are ancient and undisputed: the empire may not be partitioned, but Table Showing Distribution Of Races ' These totals include in some cases small linguistic groups not mentioned in the table.
  • Catherine had conceived an ambitious plan of solving radically the Eastern Question by partitioning Turkey as she and her allies had partitioned Poland, and she had persuaded the emperor Joseph II.