Sentence Examples

  • At last John of Giscala portioned out the sacred wine and oil, saying that they who fought for the Temple might fearlessly use its stores for their sustenance.
  • In his northward march in 1068 the Conqueror built a castle at Lincoln, and portioned out the principal estates among his Norman followers, but the Domesday Survey shows that the county on the whole was leniently treated, and a considerable number of Englishmen retained their lands as subtenants.
  • Life on each home stead was regularly portioned out: out door occupations - fishing, shepherding, fowling, and the hay-making and fuel-gathering - occupying the summer; while in door business - weaving, tool-making, &c. - filled up the long winter.
  • Which became law in 1874, the country was portioned out into seven provinces; about the same time new fiscal divisions were formed within them by the reduction of those already existing.
  • Terni is the ancient Interamna (inter amnes, " between the rivers," the Nar and one of its branches), originally belonging to Umbria, and founded, according to a local tradition preserved in an inscription, in the year 672 B.C. It is first mentioned in history as being, along with Spoletium, Praeneste and Florentia, portioned out among his soldiers by Sulla.

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