Sentence Examples

  • Other forms are n-1 n-2 2 ax +nbx x +n(n-i)cx x +..., 1121 2 the binomial coefficients C) being replaced by s!(e), and n 1, n-1 1 n-2 2 ax 1 +l i ox l 'x 2 + L ?cx 1 'x2+..., the special convenience of which will appear later.
  • Kohlrausch has prepared water of which the conductivity compared with that of mercury was only o 4 oX 11 at 18° C. Even here some little impurity was present, and the conductivity of chemically pure water was estimated by thermodynamic reasoning as o 36X1011 at 18° C. As we shall see later, the conductivity of very dilute salt solutions is proportional to the concentration, so that it is probable that, in most cases, practically all the current is carried by the salt.
  • GAUR, the native name of the wild ox, Bos (Bibos) gaurus, of India, miscalled bison by sportsmen.
  • These are simply parts of the sea which have escaped the filling-in process carried on by the great river and the lesser streams. A second class, called " ox-bow" lakes, large in numbers but small in area, includes ordinary cut-off meanders along the Mississippi and Red rivers.
  • Thus if d,/ is the increase of 4, due to a displacement from P to P', and k is the component of velocity normal to PP', the flow across PP' is d4 = k.PP'; and taking PP' parallel to Ox, d,, = vdx; and similarly d/ ' = -udy with PP' parallel to Oy; and generally d4,/ds is the velocity across ds, in a direction turned through a right angle forward, against the clock.

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