Sentence Examples

  • They are intended for use at the extreme temperatures obtainable in steel furnaces, or for the melting of platinum before the oxy-hydrogen blowpipe.
  • Many salts of oxy-acids of vanadium are known, but of the more common oxy-acids, metavanadic acid, HV03, and pyrovanadic acid, H 4 V 2 0 7, alone appear to have been isolated.
  • Quin i c acid, C 6 H 7 (OH) 4 CO 2 H (tetra -oxy.cyclohexane carboxylic acid), is found in coffee beans and in quinia bark.
  • The A 3 acid is Sodium obtained by eliminating the elements of amalgam water from 4-oxy-cyclo-hexane-i-carb- p1.4 Dihydro oxylic acid (W.
  • The Skraup reaction is a perfectly general one for primary amino-compounds; the halogen-, nitroand oxy-anilines (aminophenols) react similarly, as do also the toluidines, naphthylamines, aminoanthracene, metaand para-phenylene diamines, and orthoand 7-aminoquinoline.

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