Sentence Examples

  • It yields both esters and ethers since it is an acid and also a phenol.
  • The formation of esters and ethers are generally facilitated by the presence of this acid.
  • Although nominally tribasic the commonest metallic salts are dibasic. Organic ethers, however, are known in which one, two and three of the hydrogen atoms are substituted (Michaelis and Becker, Ber., 1897, 30, p. 1003).
  • The /3 compound is hydroxylic in character, whilst the a and -y derivatives behave frequently as if they possess the tautomeric ketostructure, yielding according to the conditions of the experiment either N- or 0-ethers (H.
  • Investigation of the cyanic ethers (1848) yielded a class of substances which opened out a new field in organic chemistry, for, by treating those ethers with caustic potash, he obtained methylamine, the simplest organic derivative of ammonia (1849), and later (1851) the compound ureas.

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