Sentence Examples

  • It was full time, for Schelling's undoubtedly overweening self-confidence had involved him in a series of disputes and quarrels at Jena, the details of which are important only as illustrations of the evil qualities in Schelling's nature which deface much of his philosophic work.
  • The overweening arrogance of the Spaniards soon drove the pope back into the ranks of their enemies.
  • The evacuation of Egypt by Antiochus Epiphanes at the bidding of the Roman ambassadors suits the warning addressed to "Greece" (732-740) against overweening ambition and any attempt upon the Holy City, which is somewhat strangely enforced by the famous Greek oracle, "Let Camarina be, 'tis best unstirred."
  • Mysticism, on the other hand, is marked on its speculative side by even an overweening confidence in human reason.
  • The prestige which the First Consul had gained by the Concordat was now lost by the overweening emperor.

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