Sentence Examples

  • 630, it was destroyed by the Frisians, who remained obstinately heathen.
  • The city held out obstinately against the pretensions of the stadtholders, and in 1650 opened the dykes in order to prevent William II.
  • But the Frieslanders east of the Zuider Zee obstinately resisted repeated attempts to bring them into subjection.
  • But, still clinging to the groundless belief, for which British statesmen had, of late at least, afforded Turkey no justification, that Great Britain at all events would support him, he obstinately refused to give ear to the pressing requests of the Powers that the necessary reforms should be instituted.
  • Again, popularly, an unproved ex cathedra statement of any kind is called " dogmatic," with perhaps an insinuation that it is being obstinately adhered to without, or beyond, or in defiance of, obtainable evidence.

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