Sentence Examples

  • All our errors in explaining the origin of human society arise from our obstinacy in believing that primitive man was entirely similar to ourselves, who are civilized, i.e.
  • His arrogance and obstinacy, his perverse insistence upon the theoretical and disregard of the actual, made strife inevitableHe provoked disputes with the Italian states over ecclesiastical rights.
  • Contumacia, obstinacy; derived from the root tem-, as in temnere, to despise, or possibly from the root turn-, as in tumere, to swell, with anger, &c.), a stubborn refusal to obey authority, obstinate resistance; particularly, in law, the wilful contempt of the order or summons of a court (see Contempt Of Court).
  • France next tried to bring violent pressure to bear to conquer the obstinacy of Benedict XIII.
  • Mingled with the religiosity of his nature there was much obstinacy and self-seeking; and when Kerbogha was finally repelled, he began to dispute the possession of Antioch with Bohemund, pleading in excuse his oath to Alexius.

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