Sentence Examples

  • A third great department of practice is formed by obstetric medicine or midwifery (see Obstetrics); and dentistry, or dental surgery, is given up to a distinct branch of the profession.
  • The doctrines of Hippocrates, though lightly thought of by the Erasistrateans, still were no doubt very widely accepted, but the practice of the Hippocratic school had been greatly improved in almost every department - surgery and obstetrics being probably those in which the Alexandrian practitioners could compare most favourably with those of modern times.
  • Another work, on obstetrics, now lost, was equally famous, and procured for him, among the Arabs, the name of "the Obstetrician."
  • Aboriri, to fail to be born, or perish), in obstetrics, the premature separation and expulsion of the contents of the pregnant uterus.
  • The indications for the use of ergot in obstetrics are highly complex and demand detailed treatment.

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