Sentence Examples

  • 630, it was destroyed by the Frisians, who remained obstinately heathen.
  • The city held out obstinately against the pretensions of the stadtholders, and in 1650 opened the dykes in order to prevent William II.
  • In spite of all this, after fighting obstinately both by land and by water, the Danes had to raise the siege of London and take the ships to the river Orwell.
  • Again, popularly, an unproved ex cathedra statement of any kind is called " dogmatic," with perhaps an insinuation that it is being obstinately adhered to without, or beyond, or in defiance of, obtainable evidence.
  • He desired peace with Russia first of all, and at the congress of Aland even obtained relatively favourable terms, only to have them rejected by his obstinately optimistic master.