Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes, people misplace the owner's manual that came with the car, so it's important to find resources where you can either access the same information online or request a new printed copy of that manual.
  • Patterns have a way of getting lost, and this way you will not only have an extra if you need it, you will be able to find your pattern again if you happen to misplace both copies.
  • It's not uncommon to misplace manuals between the time you first purchase a new appliance and the time you need to look up something about it after you've owned it for a while.
  • Owners of the original Nintendo DS systems very often had trouble keeping track of their game cartridges because these small square disks were so tiny and easy to misplace.
  • Many people are more than willing to purchase inexpensive glasses if they frequently misplace them, or are glad to pay a lower amount if they have left a good pair at home.