Sentence Examples

  • By the 1940s, the "shoe with the beautiful fit" was recognized by hardworking women as one of the few brands that could be relied upon to meld prettiness and practicality into a heel that would last until you were ready for new shoes.
  • Just as raindrops meld seamlessly into a puddle, this carbon rain melds onto the diamond chip in a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), growing it to previously unheard of proportions for made-made gems.
  • Because your idea of what is appropriate probably won't meld with her idea, you may want to look at online images of swimsuits so that you both can point out which suits you like, and which suits are off limits.
  • With this in mind, look for computer games that meld the things toddlers love with educational concepts, like shape, letter, and number recognition, counting games, color identification, matching, and more.
  • Taking daily walks in a natural environment may help him to appreciate all the little imperfections in the world that somehow meld together into something livable and exotically romantic.