Sentence Examples

  • They also weave cloth, make pottery and smelt iron.
  • Latimer, on seeing him enter the church, boldly changed his theme to a portrayal of Christ as the pattern priest and bishop. The points of comparison were, of course, deeply distasteful to the prelate, who, though he professed his " obligations for the good admonition he had received," informed the preacher that he " smelt somewhat of the pan."
  • It thus appears that iron was manufactured from meteorolites which had fallen to the earth in an almost pure metallic state, possibly long before prehistoric man had learnt how to dig for and smelt iron in any of the forms of ore which are found on this planet.
  • The study smelt strongly of tobacco and dogs.
  • Often it is more profitable to smelt real silver ores with argentiferous ores than to mill them, the greater cost being more than balanced by the increased yield.

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