Sentence Examples

  • Dionysus, being set up against him (145) by Tryphon, a magnate of the kingdom.
  • One of his most celebrated pieces was Zofjowka, written on the country seat of Felix Potocki, a Polish magnate, for this was the age of descriptive as well as didactic poetry.
  • Under the Old Kingdom the attendance on and services for a dead magnate - the sacrifices and libations at his tomb - were left, together with endowments, to a staff of priests, called "servants of the ko(ka)," whose offices were hereditary.
  • Hence the favourite expedient for men of birth, although not of fortune, was to attach themselves to some prince or magnate in whose military service they were sure of an adequate maintenance and might hope for even a rich reward in the shape of booty or of ransom.'
  • On the other hand, every magnate put into the field as many mounted warriors as possible, chiefly servants and bought slaves, who, like the Janissaries and Mamelukes, were trained exclusively for war.