Sentence Examples

  • He would have to be a fool not to know that something had been eating at her for the last few months - and Mr. O'Hara didn't become a tycoon by being a fool.
  • It should be noticed that the analogy which has often been suggested between the early history of the archonship at Athens, and such cases as the mayors of the palace in French history, or the tycoon (shogun) and mikado in Japanese history, is misleading.
  • Choshu, in common with many of his fellow Daimyos, was bitterly opposed to the rule of the shogun or tycoon, and when this rule resulted in the conclusion of the treaty with Commodore M.
  • American tycoon, Malcolm Glazer, took control of Manchester United.
  • Avinash ( Bobby Deol ) is a rich business tycoon who is arrested for the murder of his wife Sanjana ( Lara Dutta ).

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