Sentence Examples

  • Thereupon the Newtonian analysis which preceded this synthesis, became forgotten; until at last Mill in his Logic, neglecting the Principia, had the temerity to distort Newton's discovery, which was really a pure example of analytic deduction, into a mere hypothetical deduction; as if the author of the saying " Hypotheses non lingo" started from the hypothesis of a centripetal force to the sun, and thence deductively explained the facts of planetary motion, which reciprocally verified the hypothesis.
  • A good analogy would be a medical student in training to be a surgeon would need to know the lingo in an operating room.
  • A new lingo evolved: let's call it Hackney Down.
  • First, understanding insurance lingo is only the.. .
  • Handin poker lingo based on a we have a share of a. Starting wager of you a sense in touch with the table getminted.

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