Sentence Examples

  • On his return to Avignon he engaged in public affairs, pleaded the cause of the Scaligers in their lawsuit with the Rossi for the lordship of Parma, and addressed two poetical epistles to Pope Benedict XII.
  • In the case of a lawsuit the plaintiff preferred his own plea.
  • It was the sensation caused in 1884 by the lawsuit brought against Strindberg's Married (a collection of short stories dealing realistically with some of the seamy sides of marriage) which brought to a head the rebellion against the elegant and superficial conventions which were strangling Swedish literature.
  • The father seems to have been an energetic, visionary man, who, dying while his only son was a little lad, left to his family no better provision than a lawsuit against the municipality of the town of Aix It was at Aix, which figures as Plassans in so many of his novels, that the boy received the first part of his education.
  • It was probably only settled at Cloveshoe in 825, when the lawsuit of Cwoenthryth, daughter and heiress of Coenwulf, with Wulfred was terminated.