Sentence Examples

  • " On days of rejoicing," he says, " we do not shade our door-posts with laurels nor encroach upon the day-light with lamps " (die laeto non laureis postes obumbramus nec lucernis diem infringimus).
  • Heer described from this deposit at Moletein 13 genera, of which 7 are still living, containing 18 species, viz.: 1 fern, 4 Conifers, I palm, 2 figs, 1 Credneria, 2 laurels, I Aralia, Chondrophyllum (of uncertain affinities), 2 magnolias, 2 species of Myrtaceae and a species of walnut.
  • The most abundant species of this forest were the oaks and chestnuts, of which a dozen have been collected; laurels, Viburnum, ivy, several Aralias, Dewalquea, a Thuja and several Ferns may be added.
  • Other beds yield principally palms, willows, laurels, Eucalyptus or Ferns; but there are no Cycads.
  • The Laurineae were plentiful, and include various true laurels, camphor-trees, cinnamon, Persea and Sassafras.

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