Sentence Examples

  • The vegetation of the island is characterized by tropical luxuriance, - the moutainous regions being clad with dense forest, in which various species of palms, the camphor-tree (Laurus Camplaora), and the aloe are conspicuous.
  • 337 seq., "Et non exiguo laurus adusta sono").
  • Even in ancient times it was famous for its groves of bay-trees (laurus) from which its name was perhaps derived, and which in imperial times gave the villas of its territory a name for salubrity, so that both Vitellius and Commodus resorted there.
  • Laurus - Sweet Bay.
  • Chilensis), lingue (Persea lingue), laurel (Laurus aromatica), avellano (Guevina avellana), lama (Myrtus luma), espino (Acacia cavenia) and many others.

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