Sentence Examples

  • During the Persian invasion of 480 the Phocians at first joined in the national defence, but by their irresolute conduct at Thermopylae lost that position for the Greeks; in the campaign of Plataea they were enrolled on the Persian side.
  • Yet, for a week subsequent to their receiving the glad tidings from the Aegean, the British Government remained irresolute with regard to the policy to be pursued at Helles.
  • In reality, the policy of Francis, save for some flashes of sagacity, was irresolute and vacillating.
  • But in the matter of a general council, so urgently desired by the emperor, Paul showed himself irresolute and procrastinating.
  • The Vitellian commanders now resolved to bring on a decisive battle, and their designs were assisted by the divided and irresolute counsels which prevailed in Otho's camp. The more experienced officers urged the importance of avoiding a battle, until at least the legions from Dalmatia had arrived.

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