Sentence Examples

  • ARCHIMEDES (c. 287 -212 B.C.), Greek mathematician and inventor, was born at Syracuse, in Sicily.
  • Many powders are found in medical uses, some of which have retained the name of their inventor, such as the compound powder of rhubarb, "Gregory powder," named after a Scottish doctor, James Gregory (1758-1822).
  • Inventor of the micrometer.
  • The village was founded by David Dale (1739-1806) in 1785, with the support of Sir Richard Arkwright, inventor of the spinning-frame, who thought the spot might be made the Manchester of Scotland.
  • JOHN NAPIER (1550-1617), Scottish mathematician and inventor of logarithms, was born at Merchiston near Edinburgh in 1550, and was the eighth Napier of Merchiston.

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