Sentence Examples

  • EUMOLPUS ("sweet singer"), in Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and Chione, the daughter of Boreas, legendary priest, poet and warrior.
  • With the aid of Fialin and Eleonore Gordon, a singer, who is supposed to have been his mistress, and with the co-operation of certain officers, such as Colonel Vaudrey, an old soldier of the Empire, commanding the 4th regiment of artillery, and Lieutenant Laity, he tried to bring about a revolt of the garrison of Strassburg (October 30, 1836).
  • Here, too, are a plant (covering more than Boo acres) of the Standard Oil Company and a large establishment for the manufacture of the "Singer" sewing machine - according to the U.S. census the largest manufactory of sewing machines in the world - employing more than 6000 workmen in 1905; among the other manufactures of Elizabeth are foundry and machine shop products (value in 1905, $3,887,139), wire, oil (value in 1905, $2,387,656), refined and smelted copper, the output of railway repair shops, edge tools and lager beer.
  • In World War II, for instance, the Singer Corporation, of sewing-machine fame, made handguns for the war effort.
  • The lips of the singer were closed.