Sentence Examples

  • - We, with our stereotyped modern notions of the grouping of voices, may get some idea of the freedom of the 16thcentury composers' imagination by noting that the four-part movements for semi-chorus or solo voices in Palestrina's Masses present us with no fewer than seventeen different combinations of voices, and that of these the familiar group of soprano, alto, tenor and bass is not the most common, though it is invariable as that used for entire four-part Masses.
  • During some concerts I'll read the passage, then the soprano sings the aria.
  • The results are charming and occasionally, as in the rapt central section of the soprano aria, rather more than that.
  • Seriously, these guys and girls had baritone, soprano, beat box, English, Japanese, the works.
  • The soprano instrument was the keyed bugle, whose ancestor is the Renaissance cornetto.

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