Sentence Examples

  • The Fabulous Collection - The Fabulous Collection is based in Canada, and offers purses and other accessories from a variety of designers, including XOXO and Soprano.
  • Perry knew the song was to be used in the final scene and assumed that it would be playing as Tony Soprano was killed or arrested - something he wanted no part of.
  • She is also a trained soprano, and in 1998, performed twice with the All-Eastern U.S. High School Honors Chorus at Carnegie Hall.
  • Instead, it played on the background in a restaurant where the Soprano family was having dinner during the ambiguous ending.
  • Trombones often played with the three lower voices, a practice of high antiquity surviving from a time when there were soprano trombones or cornetti (Zincken, a sort of treble serpent) to play with the sopranos.