Sentence Examples

  • This, however, does not disturb the tenor of the following arguments.
  • To suppose Disraeli satisfied with the excuses made for his adoption of the "dishing" process is forbidden by the whole tenor of his teaching and conduct.
  • The general tenor of the essays is in complete contrast with this sceptical attitude, at least in its more decided form, and it is worth notice that the motto "Que scai je?"
  • The tenor of his speeches was always to encourage Ministers in vigorous action - on such questions, for instance, as the mobilization of industry, the treatment of aliens and the provision of munitions.
  • For example, we find Plutarch amplifying the suggestion in Plato's latest treatise (the Laws) that this imperfection is due to a bad world-soul that strives against the good, - a suggestion which is alien to the general tenor of Plato's doctrine, and had consequently been unnoticed during the intervening centuries.