Sentence Examples

  • The Mexicans in the battles of Palo Alto (May 8th) and Resaca de la Palma (May 9th).
  • They initiated a system of obstruction which hampered and delayed the traffic without alto gether suspending it.
  • It is now known that the Guadiana Alto has no such course, but flows underground to the Zancara itself, which is the true "Upper Guadiana."
  • Rene-Moreno, Ultimos dias coloniales en el Alto Peru 1807-1808 (Santiago de Chile, 1896-1898); F.
  • In Lisbon a chamber of commerce (Junta do commercio) was organized in 1756 to replace an older association of merchants, the ilIeza dos homens de negocio, which had attacked the Path Company; and in the same year the Alto Douro Company was formed to control the port-wine trade and to break the monopoly enjoyed by a syndicate of British wine merchants.