Sentence Examples

  • To do this, a comparator object has an optional attribute called "skip" which is a reference to a hash.
  • Tumblr, Twitter, etc - For stream-of-consciousness bookmarking, these sites use a special kind of metatagging called "hash tags" (created by putting a # symbol in front of a word, like "#lovetoknow").
  • Not only can you find the tabs for many popular Weezer songs like El Scorcho and Hash Pipe but you can also find a video with instructions on how to play popular tracks like My Name Is Jonas.
  • Despite the importance of breakfast, many people skip this meal and an elaborate selection of breakfast foods such as omelets, pancakes, hash browns, and donuts will be unique and delicious.
  • You know how it's impossible for even the best real-life NFL quarterback to run to the right hash mark, and throw a no-look, 20-yard curl patter back to the left to a well-covered receiver?