Sentence Examples

  • Anyone in authority seemed habitually out of the office after Dean gave his name.
  • Many species of Thysanoptera are known to be habitually parthenogenetic. The eggs are laid on the food-plant, those females possessed of an ovipositor cutting through the epidermis and placing their eggs singly within the plant-tissues; a single female may take five or six weeks to deposit all her eggs.
  • Some Thysanoptera habitually dwell on the under-surface of leaves, and others periodically migrate to roots.
  • In the south-east they have largely gone out of use, but elsewhere, especially in the mountainous districts, they are still habitually worn.
  • Speech has been habitually transmitted for business purposes over a distance of 1542.3 m., viz., over the lines of the American Telegraph and Telephone Company from Omaha to Boston.

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