Sentence Examples

  • For the rest, frugality, industry and patience characteffize all the bread-winners; courage and burning patriotism are attributes of the whole nation.
  • Deborah, who was " as much dispos'd to industry and frugality as " her husband, was illiterate and shared none of her husband's tastes for literature and science; 1 Notably in a pamphlet comparing the Jews and the AntiFederalists.
  • Superior frugality and industry on the part of the artisan will enable him to pay taxes without mechanically raising the price of labour.
  • The reduction in the rate of interest must, in general, result from " the increase of industry and frugality, of arts and commerce."
  • Abdalaziz did his best to imitate his grandfather Omar in all things, and especially in maintaining the simple manner of life of the early Moslems. He was, however, born in the midst of wealth; thus frugality became asceticism, and in so far as he demanded the same rigour from his relatives, he grew unjust and caused uneasiness and discontent.