Sentence Examples

  • Whatever be the ultimate verdict, the association of antlers - and these, be it noticed, conforming almost exactly with the forked type characteristic of American deer - with an antilopine type of skull, skeleton and teeth in Merycodus is a most interesting and unexpected feature.
  • The characteristic of this family - as represented by the prongbuck - is that the sheath of the horns is forked, and shed annually, or every few years.
  • The fish resembles a sprat in having a forked tail and a single dorsal fin, but the body is round and slender.
  • (D) The declination axis is mounted on a forked piece or other similar contrivance attached to a prolongation of the upper pivot of the polar axis; the telescope is mounted between the pivots of the declination axis.
  • Both species of Xema are readily distinguished from all other gulls by their forked tails.

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