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  • - Though concealed within the bivalved shellcover, the mouth-parts are nearly as in the Gymnophylla, but the flexing of the caudal part is in contrast, and the biramous second antennae correspond with what is only a larval character in the other phyllopods.
  • (I) first antenna; (6) tergum; (2) compound (7) biramous eye; feet; (3) liver; (8) carina; (4) simple eye; (9) cement (5) scutum; gland.
  • This simple biramous form is shown in the swimming-feet of the Copepoda and Branchiura, the " cirri " of the Cirripedia, and the abdominal appendages of the Malacostraca (fig.
  • - Squilla mantis bases tends to show that the primitive (Stomatopoda), showing the type of appendage was more complex last four thoracic (leg-bearthan the simple biramous limb, and ing) somites free from the some authorities have regarded the carapace.
  • It is highly probable, however, that the biramous limb is a simplification of a more complex primitive type, to which the Phyllopod limb is a more or less close approximation.

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