Sentence Examples

  • They often rise tier above tier, and are sometimes all on the same level " facing each other as in streets, and branching off laterally into smaller lanes or alleys "; and FIG.
  • Just south of the equator channels from the long, branching Lake Deshekwama or Hardinge, fed by the Lakdera river, enter from the west, and in o° 15' S.
  • The flowers spring in branching spadices from the axils of the leaves, and as the trees are unisexual it is necessary in cultivation to fertilize the female flowers by artificial means.
  • They walked for two hours without running into any tunnels branching off from the main one.
  • The Alleghany Plateau consists of nearly horizontal beds of limestone, sandstone and shales, including important seams of coal; inclines slightly toward the north-west, and is intricately dissected by extensively branching streams into a maze of narrow canyons and steep-sided hills.