Sentence Examples

  • In the same region of the body, namely, close behind the pharynx, a large diverticulum is given off from the ventral side of the gut.
  • No glands open into the alimentary canal, but a diverticulum, which varies enormously in size, opens into the rectum.
  • J, Diverticulum on rectum.
  • From the cephalic part of this primary diverticulum solid rods of cells called the hepatic cylinders grow out, and these branch again and again until a cellular network is formed surrounding and breaking up the umbilical and vitelline veins.
  • A, Fasciola hepatica, from the ventral surface (X 2); the alimentary and nervous systems only shown on the left side of the figure, the excretory only on the right; a, right main branch of the intestine; c, a diverticulum; g, lateral ganglion; n, lateral nerve; o, mouth; p, pharynx; s, ventral sucker; cs, cirrus sac; d, left anterior dorsal excretory vessel; m, main vessel; v, left anterior ventral trunk; x, excretory pore.

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