Sentence Examples

  • Once you become a seasoned diver, and after you save a few more bucks, then you'll be able to purchase brand new equipment, but for now, buying a previously owned scuba tank might be the most cost-efficient way to start diving.
  • Tweens especially dig the toilet humor the show contains plenty of, as well as the random characters and storylines involving a squirrel living underwater with a scuba mask, and an emotionally fragile starfish named Patrick.
  • With numerous lines and styles, Citizen has something for the woman looking for an elegant watch to wear at a cocktail party as well as for the woman searching for a rugged watch to take on a scuba diving expedition.
  • Combine the cost of buying a used scuba tank with the cost of having these tests performed and then compare that with the cost of a brand new scuba tank to see if it's worth saving a few bucks on the used tank.
  • Many degree programs will also require a number of hands-on activity classes that certify you in specific outdoor skills like wilderness first aid, SCUBA diving, lifeguarding, ropes courses and backpacking.