Sentence Examples

  • Granted, anyone who wants to wear a micro swimwear look to the beach or pool undoubtedly has to work very hard to stay in top physical shape, but once they do, it's a ton of fun to be able to flaunt one of these suits!
  • Some feature a prominent brand logo, while others are more subdued, so whether or not you're the type to flaunt a label or prefer a quieter show of elegance, you'll find a Gucci shoe to meet your needs.
  • Flaunt your full-figured curves in one of the unique styles from Big Gals Lingerie when you want a nightgown that's a little more revealing than your basic everyday wear.
  • Although these super micro-sized bikinis may not have a lot of fabric to work with, they do allow you to flaunt your personality along with your rock hard abs and glutes!
  • The lingerie industry is not populated by sleek and shapeless figures, instead focusing on the seductive curves and feminine appeal necessary to flaunt lingerie designs.