Sentence Examples

  • Goebel has shown that if the developing foliage-leaves of the fern Onoclea strut/iiopieris be removed as they are formed, the subsequently developed sporophylls assume more or less completely the habit of foliage-leaves, and may be sterile.
  • Passing to the point Xefa we find two known forces, the load XA acting downwards, and a push from the strut XE, which, being in compression, must push at both ends, as indicated by the arrow, fig.
  • We then have the polygon of forces Exaf, the reciprocal figure of the lines meeting at that point in the frame, and representing the forces at the point Exaf; the direction of the forces on EH and XA being known determines the direction of the forces due to the elastic reaction of the members AF and EF,, showing AF to push as a strut, while EF is a tie.
  • A timing strut fitted to the car to activate a timing beam.
  • Of even more significance is the revision to all four suspension struts which are now inverted - just like the WRC rally car.

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