Sentence Examples

  • To be an eminent scholar was to be accused of immorality, heresy and atheism in a single indictment; and the defence of weaker minds lay in joining the Jesuits, as Heinsius was fain to do.
  • Tis only the Persian stands between us and ruin is the reported saying of Busbecq, ambassador at Suleimans court on the part of Ferdinand of Austria; the Turk would fain be upon us, but he keeps him back.
  • He did stay a little longer; but the embers that still burnt in him refused to be covered up. He would fain have ceased writing, and used to say, "It's a great thing to know when to stop"; but he could not stop, and did not stop, till the last.
  • It was in the reign of Beorhtric, Ecgberts ~ predecessor, that the pirates of the famous three ships from Heretheland had appeared on the coast of Dorset, and slain the sheriff who would fain have known what manner of Inen they might be.
  • Was fain to curb his fiery temper, and to confer graciously what he could not withhold.

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