Sentence Examples

  • For this reason, Kripalu Yoga is often chosen by yogis looking to relax and harmonize, whereas yogis who want to lose weight or energize their yoga practice often choose Vinyasa Yoga.
  • With such a storied and colorful history to tell, it's no wonder that Sprouse's visionary designs continue to inspire and energize fashion-conscious individuals all over the world.
  • Simply lighting a candle of a specific scent can calm your nerves, energize you, work to relieve a stress headache, or give you the carefree feeling of a walk on the beach.
  • If your cheer squad needs to fill up the coffers, you'll want to try a few fundraising ideas that will energize your fans and motivate them to invest in your squad.
  • Color therapists employ green light to induce a rested state of mind, to energize weak and atrophying muscles, to clear the head and revive a tired spirit.