Sentence Examples

  • Gathering together for sporting events, potluck game nights, dancing, and even just to hang out together and play board games can energize a youth group.
  • This system is designed to energize the body and brain, and to enhance the connection between a person's physical body and his or her energy center.
  • Many classes are specified as a.m. or p.m. practice, and are designed to either energize or relax, to a certain extent, within the yoga practice.
  • Practitioners of Superbrain Yoga perform an ear-stimulation exercise, in which placement, pressure, and breathing play important roles, in order to energize their bodies and brains, and hone the connections between the two.
  • With such a storied and colorful history to tell, it's no wonder that Sprouse's visionary designs continue to inspire and energize fashion-conscious individuals all over the world.